St. Jacob of Alaska

St. Jacob Netsvetov, Enlightener of the Peoples of Alaska

It’s just over two weeks until our Chrismation into the Orthodox Church, and Janna and I have finally settled on our patron saints. Janna is taking St. Seraphim of Sarov, and I have decided on St. Jacob (Yakov Netsvetov) of Alaska.

I found St. Jacob in my search for saints named “James” (my real first name).  In Greek, “James” (for example, St. James, the brother of our Lord) is Iakovos, which is also the name of the Old Testament Jacob.  So I expanded my search to Yakovs, which is the Slavic form… and this Yakov/Jacob happens to be close to us in time and location, as well as my connection to Russia, having taken several years of the language as well as visiting Russian many years ago on a school trip.

Edit: The short bio I had originally published here has been moved to its own page.

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